Healthy And Well Socialized Teacup Yorkies For Sale

Our available Teacup Yorkies for Sale in Kansas are among the healthiest and best looking you can find from a breeder who is well educated and experienced that will be with you through every step of the process. We will continue to be there for you even after your purchase for many years to come. We love getting periodic picture updates, as your puppy grows up with you and your family.


Teacup yorkies for sale
Yorkies Puppy for sale


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

Yorkie terrier for sale


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

Yorkie Puppy for Sale


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

yorkie pupies for sale


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

Yorkie Puppy for sale near me


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

Yorkie for sale near me


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

Teacup yorkie for sale


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

yorkie for sale


Note: No puppy is held without a deposit

About Our Teacup Yorkies for Sale

The Yorkshire terrier is a small toy dog breed native to England with a long, silky coat that’s often black and tan. Also known as Yorkies, these dogs have tenacious but affectionate personalities. They tend to be very vocal, protective, and loyal. And, despite their small size, they can make excellent guard dogs. But, at heart, Teacup Yorkies for Sale are wonderful companions that enjoy pampering and snuggling up to their loved ones.

Despite their diminutive size, most Yorkies have a big personality. They generally have an affectionate yet feisty temperament. They love to snuggle, but they also can be very active, playful, and vigilant. Continue reading to learn more about Teacup Yorkies for Sale


Yorkies are one of the smallest dog breeds, measuring just 7-10” tall with adults weighing no more than seven pounds. They’re known for appearing confident thanks to their high head carriage and compact, well-proportioned body shape. Yorkies are low-slung with a straight back, and have a small head, carried high, with v-shaped ears that stand up tall. Their tails stand up tall, too.

The signature characteristic of Yorkshire Terriers is their fine, straight, floor-length coat. Yorkie fur is similar to human hair, making them semi-hypoallergenic. The hair is dark grey to black on their back, and a golden tan color on their limbs, chest, and face. Teacup Yorkies for Sale are typically groomed so that their coat falls evenly on either side of their body. They can also be trimmed to have shorter hair. When left long, the hair on Yorkie’s heads is often tied up with a ribbon to keep it out of their eyes and add to their jaunty appearance.


True to the Yorkie’s Terrier roots as vermin hunters, this is an active little dog who needs a daily walk for stimulation. Fun and games are always an added bonus. They might look cute–and believe us, they do– but because of their small stature and butter-wouldn’t melt appearance, there’s a risk of your Yorkshire Terrier trying to boss you around. Socialization and training can help, and it’s worth keeping in mind that companion dogs like Yorkies crave your attention most, so they might act up to get it. This might include some unwanted yapping, but with steady training, you’ll raise an affectionate and sweet natured dog.

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