Yorkshire Puppies For Sale

The Yorkshire terrier is a small toy dog breed native to England with a long, silky coat that’s often black and tan. Also known as Yorkies, these dogs have tenacious but affectionate personalities. They tend to be very vocal, protective, and loyal. And, despite their small size, they can make excellent guard dogs. But, at heart, Yorkies are wonderful companions that enjoy pampering and snuggling up to their loved ones.

Despite their diminutive size, most Yorkies have a big personality. They generally have an affectionate yet feisty temperament. They love to snuggle, but they also can be very active, playful, and vigilant. Click the button below to see our Yorkshire Puppies for Sale

yorkshire puppies for sale

More About Yorkshire Puppies For Sale


Yorkshire Puppies for Sale are one of the smallest dog breeds, measuring just 7-10” tall with adults weighing no more than seven pounds. They’re known for appearing confident thanks to their high head carriage and compact, well-proportioned body shape. Yorkies are low-slung with a straight back, and have a small head, carried high, with v-shaped ears that stand up tall. Their tails stand up tall, too.

The signature characteristic of Yorkshire Terriers is their fine, straight, floor-length coat. Yorkie fur is similar to human hair, making them semi-hypoallergenic. The hair is dark grey to black on their back, and a golden tan color on their limbs, chest, and face. Yorkshire Puppies for Sale are typically groomed so that their coat falls evenly on either side of their body. They can also be trimmed to have shorter hair. When left long, the hair on Yorkie’s heads is often tied up with a ribbon to keep it out of their eyes and add to their jaunty appearance.


True to the Yorkie’s Terrier roots as vermin hunters, this is an active little dog who needs a daily walk for stimulation. Fun and games are always an added bonus. They might look cute–and believe us, they do– but because of their small stature and butter-wouldn’t melt appearance, there’s a risk of your Yorkshire Terrier trying to boss you around. Socialization and training can help, and it’s worth keeping in mind that companion dogs like Yorkies crave your attention most, so they might act up to get it. This might include some unwanted yapping, but with steady training, you’ll raise an affectionate and sweet natured dog.

Environment for a Yorkshire

Though originally bred to be ratters in textile mills and mines, these days, Yorkies are known for being great apartment dogs. Their small size and low-allergen coat make them popular apartment dogs. However, Yorkies can also be quite the little watchdogs, meaning they may react to noise. Whether in an apartment or house, Yorkies need environments with plenty of mental stimulation, and benefit from early socialization and training.

Even though Yorkies don’t need much space, they are Terriers, and appreciate moderate exercise. Access to outdoor space for walks and playtime will help keep your Yorkie active. They may be sensitive to cold, so if you live in a chilly climate, they will need a coat. Yorkshire Puppies for Sale


Due to the delicacy of their limbs, and they’re known for being prone to knee issues–a nasty sounding condition called luxating patellas (slipped-out knee caps), you should be careful not to let your Yorkie jump from high places, especially as a puppy while bones are still developing.

Their eyes are also somewhat prone, some Yorkies can have retinas which gradually deteriorate which can lead to them losing their sight. Responsible breeders will tell you all about the medical history of a puppy’s parents and grandparents, and may even have screened specifically for some of the more common issues this breed can face. Broadly speaking, Yorkshire Puppies for Sale are a fairly healthy breed, but many pet parents opt for pet health insurance just in case.


Yorkies are known to be low-shedders. They have silky, continuously growing hair that requires a fair amount of grooming. If the coat is kept long, it should be brushed daily to prevent tangles and mats. It also will need regular trims to prevent it from dragging, and the hair on the dog’s head should either be cut short or put in a hairband to keep it out of the dog’s eyes. To avoid this hassle, many Yorkie owners choose to keep their dog’s coat short (usually cut by a groomer every several weeks).

Plan on a bath every week or two, and check your dog’s ears at least weekly for any dirt and debris. Nail trims will be necessary roughly every month, depending on how much your dog wears down its nails. And teeth ideally should be brushed every day. Yorkshire Puppies for Sale

Diet and Nutrition

Select a quality, nutritionally balanced dog food for your Yorkie. Kibble that’s sized for small breeds often is ideal. Discuss any diet, including the quantity to feed, with your vet, as this can vary based on age, activity level, and other factors. Always make sure to factor treats into your dog’s daily caloric consumption to prevent overeating. And provide fresh water at all times. Yorkshire Puppies for Sale